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Trunk show. Each Liverano dress travels for more than 60,000 km from its birth to delivery.
Liverano believes that his style and his idea of elegance should reach everywhere. Not everyone can come to Florence, so it is necessary for “THE MOUNTAIN” to move.
We try to reach the most important cities in the world; reach our customers and recreate for them the experience they can live by entering the Atelier in Florence. Each member of the staff present in the trunk shows is personally trained by Antonio Liverano.

around the world

Trunk shows Liverano&Liverano

The Trunk Show phases respect those of the bespoke procedure.

The customer is advised on the selection of fabric, taking into account the needs and characteristics of the customer. After taking the measurements, the first step of the Trunk Show concludes.

At the second visit, usually 3 months after the previous one, the first test is carried out, with the necessary corrections as appropriate.
After another three months the second test takes place; Here too the necessary corrections are made.

On the last visit, always after 3 months, the finished garment is tried on and if there are no corrections to be made, it is delivered.
This is the JOURNEY that every Antonio Liverano garment takes.

Trunk shows Liverano&Liverano
Trunk shows Liverano&Liverano
Trunk shows Liverano&Liverano
Trunk shows Liverano&Liverano

Upcoming dates

JAPAN | 02-2024









HONG KONG | 04-2024

Hong Kong

at The Armory
From 1 to 6

THAILAND | 05 06-2024


at The Somchai
From 28 to 3