Bespoke Service

Every bespoke piece is produced entirely by hand, and takes over 70 hours to complete. Below, is a breakdown of the process to commission a bespoke garment.

Approximate delivery timeframes:

  • Five to six months for orders placed in our Florence workshop if all subsequent fittings are also conducted there.
  • Fifteen months for orders placed during trunk shows.
Step 1

Contact Us

Schedule an appointment

Schedule a consultation at our Florence workshop here, or see our trunk show calendar to schedule an appointment with us during an upcoming trunk show.

Step 2

Initial Consultation

30 minutes - 1 hour

Our bespoke specialist will discuss your expectations and together we will choose the perfect fabric from our extensive archive. Our tailor will take all the measurements to begin the production of your garment.

Step 3

Production - Phase 1

1 to 2 months

The tailor creates the paper pattern based on your measurements. The fabric is chalked and hand-cut. The panels are basted together with the hand-padded body canvas, creating a skeleton suit for the first fitting. 

Step 4

First Fitting

20 minutes

You will try on the garment and the tailor will check all the crucial elements of fit. Our bespoke specialist records the data so the garment can be adjusted for the second fitting. Existing clients can usually skip this step.

Step 5

Production - Phase 2

1 to 2 months

The garment is un-basted, re-chalked, re-cut, and reassembled according to the observations from the first fitting. The pockets are chalked and one sleeve is basted in order to check the pitch at the second fitting.

Step 6

Second Fitting

20 minutes

At the second fitting, you will get a better idea of how the finished garment will look. Our tailor chalks and records whatever fit elements need to be adjusted for the third fitting. 

Step 7

Production - Phase 3

1.5 to 2 months

The garment is un-basted, re-chalked, trimmed down for, and re-sewn the last time. The paper pattern is updated. The collar facing is covered and the sleeves are attached. Lastly, the buttonholes are hand-sewn and the garment is ironed.

Step 8

Final Fitting

20 minutes

Your garment is ready for the final try-on to make sure it is up to our quality control standards. Both you and the tailor should be pleased with the result. You will leave this fitting with your garment.