Wine & Tailoring

–a behind the scenes look at our upcoming collection–

Our inspiration for this collection comes from the notion that desiring summer is simply a wish for freedom.

In vino veritas is a special liberty we concede with the nearest people and in the most intimate moments.

The path for our Spring/Summer collection is a journey from our most distilled labor time, in this case, inspired by farmers’ work in the vineyards, to the fraction of a second when we switch to calm, and looseness. The transition from labor to leisure and pleasure.

The grape, like natural fibers, are nature’s resources discovered by man, and through manipulation, creates joy, pleasure and a sublime experience.

From diligence to pleasure and leisure. Here’s to hard labor, here’s to pleasure, here’s to life!

colors • seasons • time • earth • minerality • humanity • clothing • equipment • senses

We would like to share with you the first view of our prototype garments for our Spring/Summer collection.