After a long period of research and preparation, we are ready to start a new adventure, a new challenge and maybe a whole new story to tell and share with our friends and followers.

It is not my intention here to trace the complete structure, activities, methods and content of our new school (you can just navigate around our new website), but to express a personal thought, or an intimate wish.

Beyond the important need of our field in qualified professional working hands, and along with the growing interest of young people in acquiring a set of competences and skills that can guarantee both uniqueness (thus a substantial edge) and long term occupational perspective, I would dare and express a personal hope.

The Antonio Liverano school should become a home for thoughts and ideas. It should become the laboratory for cross generational debate about the past, the present and the future of our field.

I can think of many questions, dilemmas and doubts that accompany our daily work. We are artisans, we are artists, we are business owners, and for most of us, growth and development were a result of an almost natural evolution. What should be our message for the future generations of tailors? Or maybe even more intriguing what should be their message to us?

A lot of unanswered questions, maybe can become the spirit of our new school. With a daily zeal and tireless effort of training and apprehending of a new profession, also the freedom of mind and thought to create a series of proposal for the future of an old-new, traditional-innovative, and more important – the most beautiful profession I know!

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