Alden Plain Toe Blucher


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Did you know that Antonio Liverano is a huge fan of Alden shoes and has worn them almost exclusively for the past 30 years? Did you also know that Liverano and Liverano stocks Alden shoes, including unique models made for us? Takahiro Osaki (@takahirockitalia) collaborated with Alden to design a classic Alden plain toe blucher to fit into the world of Liverano.

Our version is built on the Barrie last and is handsomely made up in a black Alpine calf leather. The lasting process results in a tighter leather at the sharpest points of the shoes (the toe and heel) making the grain less pronounced, which reflects the light in a distinguished way that can be further enhanced with a deep polish. The shoes’ refined six eyelets – rather than a traditional five – conjure thoughts of military standard issue, but the choice of leather makes them contemporary and luxurious. Our heel is not the leather normally found on this Alden model. Instead, Taka opted for a Foot Balance rubber heel with an extended inner for increased arch support. The leather sole is oil-finished which increases overall durability, improves waterproofness and prevents the leather from drying out. The insole is marked as expressly made for Liverano and Liverano. Fits true to size.

Product Details

Berrie last
Black alpine calf leather
Foot Balance rubber heel
Oil finished leather sole

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Additional information

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8,5D, 9D, 9,5D