Our History

Liverano & Liverano is among the last remaining Florentine tailoring houses, and is widely recognized as one of the finest bespoke tailors in the world. It has become an icon of Florence, and works internationally with some of the best men’s clothiers.

Six days a week, Antonio Liverano can be found at his cutting table in the heart of the sartoria, meticulously cutting patterns, fitting and guiding his patrons, and overseeing his team’s work.

His wealth of experience, spanning over seventy years, has earned him the position as one of the most respected figures in tailoring. The history of Liverano & Liverano begins with two young brothers along the Ionian Sea in Puglia.

This is their story, in Antonio’s words:


“At a very young age, Luigi and I began working as assistants in tailoring workshops in our native region of Puglia.”


“At the end of the 1940s, Luigi left Puglia for Florence to work with Commesatti, one of the city’s greatest tailors. Two years later, at age eleven, I arrived in Florence to work with Luigi in his newly opened sartoria.”


“These were hard times, just after the war, mixed with strong feelings of hope as we were all aware of the fact that we were building a new future. Personally I was striving for very basic things like a house and a family.”


“In the 60’s I was starting to have more confidence with my technique, thanks to my brother’s support and mentorship. I was also starting to want more. I do not remember having a limit to my hunger for growing and developing. It was during these times that my brother renamed his sartoria to Liverano & Liverano, and it moved to where it resides today, next to the Arno river on Via dei Fossi.”


“I became the proud father of Valentina, and ambition kept growing. In our field, we all felt that a change was coming. There were no longer tailors in every neighborhood. I must confess that for me, it all seemed natural as I always considered the tailoring profession much more than clothing making.”


“In Italy we call it the “boom” years. Although fashion took over the market and tailoring became a niche sector, it was a perfect moment to differentiate ourselves by emphasizing and displaying our mentality of excellence.”


“A crucial decade for myself and my business. I can confess that these were the years when my dreams started to become reality. Our little tailor shop was starting to get international fame and recognition, and our core clientele became defined.”


“I lost Luigi – my brother, best friend, and mentor. Shortly thereafter, I had to face the death of my wife and love of my life, Paola. However, around the same time, my two grandchildren, Camilla and Niccolò were born, and they are my pride and joy. Between sad times and happy moments, I can say that my drive was never stronger.”

2010 - Present

“The second decade of the 2000s was, and still is, dedicated to strengthening the business. We have created the Antonio Liverano School, opened the Marina di Carrara workshop, expanded into new markets, and invested important resources and effort in our quality control systems. Personally, I am in my 9th decade, and I have never been so curious and excited to face new challenges.

I am still full of grit and decisiveness, and surrounded and supported by my Liverano Fellows, I know we shall overcome whatever the future holds for us.”