The Liverano Fellows

We are the Liverano Fellows: Ami, Angela, Caterina, Daniele, Filippo, Giacomo, Gionata, Jin, Leonardo, Moto, Nicola, Talita, and Vittorio. We are a tailoring team. Every garment made in the Florence sartoria passes through each and every one of our hands. We are responsible to each other, and to you – a revered duty that drives us every day. 



 I was born and raised in Rome. Made in Italy clothing and motorcycles are part of me. After four years of working as a tailor in Rome, destiny led me to Florence where I had the opportunity to join the Liverano & Liverano team and enjoy such a young and stimulating environment.



I’m originally from South Korea. I studied in Milan before moving to Florence to work at Liverano & Liverano. I’m acutely focused on work driven by precision. If you ever need a helping hand, I’m here for you.


Bespoke Production Manager

I’m from Puglia and moved to Florence when I was 27. I manage the production process of our bespoke garments. I enjoy seeing that everything is working smoothly and my young colleagues are collaborating with passion and efficiency.



I’m from Le Marche, specifically from San Benedetto del Tronto. I recently came to Florence to pursue my passion for tailoring. Working at Liverano & Liverano is the crowning of my dream as a tailor.



Long ago, working for Liverano & Liverano was my dream and now it is a reality. At first, I learned how to sew a jacket, but now I am learning “vita di sarto” – to live the life of a tailor.


Tailor & Instructor at Antonio Liverano School

I’m a Florentine native. I strongly believe in the motto: choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.



I came to Liverano & Liverano directly from Japan. I’m very quiet only because I’m fully concentrated on my work. But that doesn’t mean I’m serious; I’m always smiling and never miss an opportunity to learn and improve.



 I’m learning from the best. My determination brings me to the search for perfection. The best moment of my day is watching Antonio Liverano cutting fabric.



Although I’ve had many different jobs, I still enjoy acquiring new skills and learning new things every day. My dream is to combine my passion for bespoke tailoring and design to offer new ideas that can be added to the glorious tradition of ours.