The Liverano truth is a one to share. Not only transmitted from one generation to another but also discussed and recreated with every piece of tailored garment.

Our group of tailors

Young, ambitious and eager to grow and share the Liverano philosophy of beauty, can be found in the workshop every day, striving to discover another secret or another way to look at the same cloth, again and again, without ever fully exploiting its potential and unique way of becoming a true Liverano garment.

“Humilty and courage!”

says Antonio to the guys, while everyone’s eyes are focused on the cloth and the quick movement of the needle. Eyes occupied constantly on the work and ears are ready to catch a comment, an observation, and – if really lucky – a compliment.

The process

Garments will be passed from hand to hand, revised, checked, commented on and handled. Every piece is a collective creation, the result of a joint effort and shared admiration for excellence and perfection.