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Florence has always maintained a relationship with beauty. Home for many of the greatest artists, designers, architects and writers of Italy, it is a place that continues to inspire us and a lineage that we continue to pay homage to. Our authentic house cut, carefully selected cloth archive and curated accessories, shirting and outerwear selection, ensure the Liverano & Liverano look is both of Florence and distinctly our own.

Understand The Cut
Our style

Soft sloped shoulder that is slightly extended.

Generous collar and lapel, classically proportioned with a low notch.

Our breast pocket sits lower on the chest to compliment our collar and lapel.

Rich chest for a masculine shape.

A light hand stitched canvas is used at the chest, an even softer gauge is used for the rest of the jacket.

Open quarters or cut away, jacket opening. Typical of the Florentine style.

Our house style is our three button rolled to two configuration.

The jacket meets only at the central button due to our distinctive cut away style.

Pockets can be patch, jetted or flapped.

Curved sleeve.

Clean sleeve head.

Jackets can be side vented or un-vented.

Construction & Cloth

For as long as our atelier has existed we have amassed our own collection of carefully selected cloth, each season picking from the best Italian and British merchants. Our cloth is as integral to our house style as our distinctive cut.

We construct our bespoke suits to the same way Florentine suits have been made for decades. Our garments possess a richness and character that can only be achieved by cutting and sewing entirely by hand.

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